Oils & Lubricants

OILS & LUBRICANTS - not only for stenters

For stenter frames Elitex 4580.2, 4580.3, stenter version STENTOMAR© and other types of stenters we are recommending to exclusive use of lubricating oil SEKOREX IS from MOLYDUVAL Company.

It is synthetic strong aditiv hightemperature oil for main chain and other sliding parts lubricating. It takes excellent temperature stability and pressure resistance. It has no firm particles and in heating it doesn´t give up residues on the surface. We are recommending its use for main chain lubricating.

There is low oil evaporation and so there is minimize the condensation possibillity inside the drying chamber owing to oil evaporation. The oil has the self-cleaning ability – there is minimized the main chain cleaning, too.

Oil abilities:

  • high temperature stability
  • excellent wear resistance
  • noisiness reducing, good adhesion
  • minimum losts from oil evaporation
  • ageing resistance, high burning and inflammation point
  • good compatibility with packing parts
  • self-cleaning ability, non-poisonous
  • compatibility and miscibility with mineral oils

Oils and lubricants for stenter frames:

Lubrication place Recommended by OMAR AS
Main chain SEKOREX IS
Other gearings AL1100 Spray
Worm gearings AL1100 Spray
Gearboxes TANTALUS HD 150
Latitude adjusting shafts AL1100 Spray
Circulation fan bearings AL1100 - tuk
Exhausting fan bearings AL1100 - tuk
Other bearings WGF 130 - tuk
Hydraulic systems HYDRAN TS46