ELOMA - stenter electric equipment

Stenter electric equipment system

Stenter electric equipment is based on AC drivers controlled by frequential convertors. There are used freq. convertors (FC) SIEMENS. All present DC drivers are substituted by AC drivers.
There is removed in pinning device electromagnetic couplings Stromag and control of pinning device is leading through FC.
For circulation fans start is used electronic device.
Circulation fan drivers are controlled by FC with possibility of drivers speed regulation for continuous regulation of drying output of the stenter. Drivers speed are adjusted that in machine stop speead reduced to 500 r.p.m. In this case proceeded fabric will not touch of heated jet chambers and goods will not damaged by jet chambers.
Compensator is equipped with non-contact regulation for synchronization with the rest of the line.
There is control board over the stenter inlet boxes where are placed all imaging and controlling devices and industrial TV monitors.

In the delivery is the screened wires set for bonding of FC and drivers. Used components are voted not only for prices but for maximum operation reliability.

All electric equipment is placed in 3 or 4 electric boxes (it depends on the line equipment). FC are placed is separate electric box, in other boxes are placed other controls and protecting devices. Part of delivery is electric documentation with description.