GASOMA - direct gas-heating system

GASOMA A-D © - Direct gas-heating system

Stenter heating modernization gives these advanteges:

  • expressive operating costs reducing for stenter heating
  • expressive increasing of temperature regulation accuracy in drying chamber
  • indepence of central heating source (steam or heating-oil boilers)

The base of our original solution of GASOMAR© is to minimize the intervention to the machine construction. In the heating box with circulation fan are removed steam (or oil) heaters. There remained only basic box construction and circulation fan. On the heaters box place is moved the pedestal for filtration basket of heating. The pedestal is from steel sheet and covers the circulation fan drive so that the heated air couldn´t make damages the drive. The filtration basket is moved on the pedestal.

Direct gas-heating system GASOMA A-D is powered by burners –weishaupt-. For every circulation fan is determine one burner. Burners connection is on low-pressure gas admission (min. 2,5 kPa).

Burners -weishaupt- are certified for stenters and stenter heating modernizations.

The big advantage of -weishaupt- burners, in front of other burners (Eclipse etc.) is its single-operation, easy maintenance and low gas consumption.

The burners are placed inside of chamber section over the box with circulation fan, the flame is vertical down. The gas distribution is leaded over the drying chamber ceiling – it secures to minimize burner damages. Burner temperature adjust and controll instruments are placed in the left side of the controlling board over the inlet boxes or in the separate box on the right inlet box or in the front board of electric cases of the stenter line.

Gas distribution project along the machine to burners, burners instalation and setting-up is not a part of delivery. The exhausting system EXOMA (or similar) is a precondition for direct gas heating GASOMA.

The system is aplicable for ARTOS, BABCOCK, BRÜCKNER, TEXTIMA stenters.