EXOMA - stenter Exhausting systém

The principle of Exhausting system EXOMA - exhausting-holes are not in the centre of the drying chamber like ELITEX stenters type 4580.2 and 4580.3 or other stenters.

Exhausting-holes are placed out of the fabric working area in the drying chamber - in the every chamber insulation board over the breeches pipe of air piping for jet chambers - it minimize the possibility of dropping condensated impurities on to the fabric.

Outlets from particular sections are diverted to the collecting piping leaded to exhausting fans which could be placed on the supporting construction on the drying chamber ceiling or out of the machine.

In every exhausting opening is placed air flap for exhausted air quantity regulation from the drying chamber section.

All exhausting pipes are made form riffled galvanized steel sheet for preventing resonances and noisiness.

This system is possible for ELITEX, ARTOS, Brückner or Textima stenters too.