NAOMA - fabric pinning device

The original device is used to electromagnetic gearboxes Stromag substitution of stenter Elitex type 4580.3 pinning device.

Pinning device modernisation consist of removing of electromagnetic gearboxes Stromag and new AC motors complement with frequency converters for exact tension controlling.

The target of this modernization is bearboxes Stromag removing, geting worn and need maintenance; essential improving of tension regulation in pinning device, expressive increasing of device reliability and maintenance minimalization.

There is a special modification for knitted fabric - the scroll roller drivers .

NAOMA V2 - Pinning device control system

We offer our original pinning device control system with new gear boxes controlled by frequential convertors.

Old pinning device is subsitute by gear boxes with AC electric motors together new clamping to chain tensioning board and lifting. Straight to the gear box is mounted pinning disk. Pinning device modernisation consist of whole old device with electromagnetic gearboxes Stromag removing.

Frequential convertors control AC electric motors for exact tension controlling. Electric equipment is placed into one of the electric boxes of the stenter.

Pinning tension is displayed on the display placed on the main control panel of the stenter.