STENTOMA - Stenter frame

Stenter frame ELITEX in STENTOMA SF3 modification

The stenter type STENTOMA SF3© is designed for final processing of textile fabric in full width, i.e. drying, heat-setting and dimensional stabilisation of textile fabric. The bick-box construction of the stenter with the number of modifications enables processing of the widest assortment of fabrics – from light to heavy woven, knitted and non-wovens fabric.

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Stenter versions:

– standard stenter version without control system and additional equipments,

– advanced stenter version with the control system ConSet© , with the industrial TV system, with the residual moisture measurement system.

The additional equipments from MAHLO or PLEVA are possible in both versions.

The stenter is the horizontal machine with drying chamber decided to particular chembers – this is the modular systém. Drying chamber can be composed from two to eight chambers.The main chain is horizontal. In front of the drying chamber cab be placed the other machines and equipments – for example the large batching apparatus in the inles construction, one or two padders, automatic straightening machine – these machines creates the line.

High productivity, wide applicability od the stenter, gently treatment of goods and easy attendance and maintenance, using of modern parts in the machine construction and accessories in the relation for the machine price ranks the stenter STENTOMA SF3© among very good stenters.

Together with the evolution of new technologies in the industry is coming to machine modernization with one target – high machine productivity and reliability.